• First BYD partner dealerships opened only 12 months after the brands introduction on the Belgian market
  • BYD now also represented in Wallonia with dealerships in Charleroi, Namur & Liège
  • Starting of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg activities on the 22nd of December
  • BYD now also accessible geographically for its customers thanks to 9 dealerships for Sales and After Sales covering Belgium and Luxemburg


BRUSSELS-21/12/2023 — BYD, a global leader in electric vehicles and green technology, ​ continues to make significant strides in the Belgian automotive market with the inauguration of new dealerships in Charleroi, Namur, Liège and a first opening in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. These strategic additions, after the initial 3 dealerships in Brussels, Antwerp & Ghent managed by importer Inchcape, come on the heels of recent successful openings in Kortrijk by Group Vandecasteele and Hasselt by Paesmans Autogroup. This further solidifies BYD's commitment to providing innovative and sustainable mobility solutions with its Sales and After Sales dealerships throughout Belgium and Luxemburg.

In a significant expansion move, BYD has recently opened two new dealerships in Belgium, marking a strategic partnership with Paesmans Autogroup in Hasselt and Group Vandecasteele in Kortrijk. The collaboration with Paesmans in Hasselt represents a key step for BYD in strengthening its presence in the Limburg region. Paesmans, a renowned automotive dealership with a longstanding reputation for quality service, will now offer BYD's cutting-edge electric vehicles, providing customers in the region with access to sustainable and innovative transportation solutions. The Hasselt dealership aims to be a hub for electric mobility enthusiasts, promoting BYD's commitment to environmental sustainability and its vision for a greener automotive future.

Simultaneously, BYD's venture with Vandecasteele in Kortrijk marks another milestone in the company's expansion strategy. Vandecasteele, a well-established name in the automotive industry, brings its expertise and customer-centric approach to the partnership, further enhancing BYD's reach in the West Flanders region. The Kortrijk dealership will showcase BYD's diverse lineup of electric vehicles, emphasizing the brand's dedication to providing reliable and eco-friendly transportation solutions. With these strategic openings, BYD aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Flanders, contributing to the global nation's efforts in building a more sustainable and environmentally conscious automotive landscape.

More recently, GSL, a prominent automotive group based in Hainaut, has taken the reins since mid-December as the exclusive dealer of BYD cars in Charleroi. Known for its dedication to customer satisfaction and a forward-thinking approach to the automotive industry, GSL is poised to offer an exceptional buying and ownership experience for BYD enthusiasts in Charleroi and its surrounding regions.

Car Avenue, a trusted name in the automotive sector with a strong presence Wallonia and in Luxembourg, will become the exclusive dealer of BYD cars in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg and starting activities on Friday the 22nd of December. With a focus on delivering high-quality vehicles and excellent customer service, Car Avenue is well-positioned to introduce BYD's cutting-edge electric vehicles to the Grand Duchy. Starting January 2024, Car Avenue will also represent BYD in the Liège province.

In Namur, Groupe Declerc has proudly taken on the role of the exclusive BYD dealer, bringing the latest electric vehicle offerings to customers in the region starting January 2024. With a reputation for integrity and professionalism, Declerc aims to enhance the BYD ownership experience for the residents of the Namur province.

These new dealerships mark a significant milestone in BYD's ongoing expansion strategy in Belgium, and opens BYD to the Luxemburg market, as the company continues to broaden its reach and bring its innovative electric vehicles to a growing customer base. The addition of GSL in Charleroi, Car Avenue in Liège and Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, and Declerc in Namur reinforces BYD's commitment to providing accessible and sustainable transportation solutions across the territory.

"We are very happy to have the brand represented by Paesmans in Hasselt and Vandecasteele in Kortrijk, thus covering the whole Flanders region. And we are thrilled to introduce BYD to the Wallonia market and partner with GSL, Car Avenue, and Declerc as our exclusive dealerships in Charleroi, Liège and Luxemburg, and Namur, respectively," said Alexey Krapotkin, Managing Director at Inchcape - BYD Belux , importer of BYD in Belgium and Luxemburg. "These collaborations are a testament to our commitment to providing Belgian and Luxemburg customers with high-quality electric vehicles that are not only environmentally friendly but also deliver outstanding performance and cutting-edge technology, at affordable prices."

BYD's continued expansion in Belgium and Luxemburg aligns with the country's growing interest in electric mobility and sustainable transportation solutions. With a range of electric vehicles that now offers a model in 6 different segments, starting with the compact but spacious hatchback BYD Dolphin, compact SUV BYD Atto3, sporty sedan BYD Seal, luxurious limousine BYD Han, 7-seat SUV BYD Tang and mid-size SUV BYD Seal U arriving in January, BYD aims to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for Belgium and beyond.

October 2023
BYD Kortrijk by Group Vandecasteele
Kuurnsesteenweg 107, 8500 Kortrijk

BYD Hasselt by Paesmans Autogroep
Gouverneur Roppesingel 8, 3500 Hasselt

December 2023
BYD Charleroi by GSL
Rte de Philippeville 113, 6010 Charleroi

BYD Luxembourg by Car Avenue
6, rue des Mérovingiens ZAI Bourmicht L, 8070 Bertrange, Luxembourg

January 2024
BYD Liège by Car Avenue
Bd de Douai 32/B, 4020 Liège

BYD Namur by Declerc
Chau. de Marche 720, 5100 Namur




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