Dynamic and Intelligent

  • Appealing, dynamic, sporty, technologically advanced full-electric D-segment sedan
  • Available with a highly efficient Blade Battery - 82 kWh with up to 570km range (WLTP) and DC Charging (30-80%) up to 150 kW in just 26 minutes
  • Available in rear-wheel and all-wheel drive configurations
  • Advanced Cell-to-Body technology and BYD e-Platform 3.0 for greater efficiency, aerodynamics, power, body rigidity and space utilisation
  • The BYD SEAL will be available around August / September


Athletic, sporty, and dynamic, but also intelligent, and equipped with a high-tech DNA, the new BYD SEAL has the looks, power, and intelligence to impress European drivers. The BYD SEAL will be available around August / September.

BYD, the world's leading manufacturer of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) and power batteries, presents the BYD SEAL as a sporty, high-tech vehicle, but SEAL is much more. Like the BYD DOLPHIN, the BYD SEAL is part of the BYD Ocean series. It features an Ocean Aesthetics design concept resulting in a dynamic, stylish, and highly recognisable visual symbol. The BYD SEAL demonstrates power and athleticism with a drag coefficient of just 0.219 Cd. The low-to-the-ground body style slices like a razor blade through the wind. Its sleek nature-inspired design is emotionally rich, high-tech, and appealing. SEAL is not only dynamic, intelligent, and sporty but also a versatile full-electric four-door sedan that comfortably seats five people and has a large boot space of 402 litres and a 53-litre frunk in the front end of the car to store goods.


Advanced Cell-to-Body Technology

BYD SEAL is the first vehicle to implement the Cell-to-Body (CTB) technology, which fully integrates the BYD Blade Battery into the entire vehicle structure and enhances the vehicle's safety. It is inspired by the high-strength honeycomb aluminium panel structure.

The CTB technology integrates the battery pack's top cover with the traditional body floor structure, forming a sandwich structure of the top cover, the BYD Blade Battery and the tray. The power battery system volume utilisation is increased by 66%, and the system energy density is increased by 10%.

The CTB battery system serves as a source of energy and as a structural component. The SEAL has a torsional stiffness of 40,500N.m/degree, increasing handling limits and offering an excellent platform for the car's comfort, safety, and performance.

CTB technology also improves space efficiency. SEAL has a 10mm lower body height with the same clear height inside the vehicle as the conventional structure, resulting in a more low-slung shape and improved aerodynamic performance and visual impact.

iTAC (Intelligent Torque Control Technology)

The new iTAC (Intelligent Torque Control Technology) has superseded the old method of restoring vehicle dynamics by only lowering power output with various control methods such as torque shift, appropriate torque reduction, or negative torque output.

Due to the increased recognition speed and change in adjustment methods, iTAC can integrate the vehicle’s own state as well as the driver’s horizontal and vertical control needs, and advance power distribution and adjustment, fully utilising the vehicle’s power potential, improving safety performance and driving comfort, and widening the handling limits.

Mighty power unit

BYD SEAL features an 8-in-1 electric drivetrain with an efficient electric motor that delivers 230 kW (313 PS) on the rear-wheel-drive version. The all-wheel drive configuration features an 8-in-1 and a 3-in-1 electric drivetrain that sends 160 kW to the front wheels and 230 kW to the back wheels for a maximum combined motor power output of 390 kW (530 PS).

BYD SEAL AWD has semi-active suspension technology with variable frequency dampers for ultimate responsiveness. When the road conditions are smooth, the damping is relatively high, allowing for more stable vehicle dynamics and better handling. When there are potholes or rough surfaces, the damping automatically reduces to absorb the impact of the road better, assuring a high-quality ride.

Like all BYD passenger vehicles, BYD SEAL also benefits from the Cobalt Free Lithium Iron-Phosphate (LFP) BYD Blade Battery, which not only ensures safety, durability, and performance but also provides more interior space for the driver and passengers.

BYD SEAL will be offered in Europe in two trim levels, one with an 82 kWh rear-wheel drive drivetrain and the other with an 80 kWh all-wheel drive drivetrain, with WLTP-ranges ranging from 520 km to 570 km for the all-wheel drive variant.

Four driving modes

The BYD SEAL offers four distinct driving modes, catering to a variety of driving preferences and conditions. These modes include:

  • ECO mode, which prioritizes energy efficiency and extends the driving range;
  • Normal mode, providing a balanced driving experience for everyday use;
  • Sport mode, emphasizing performance through aggressive acceleration and sharper handling;
  • Snow mode, designed to enhance traction and stability on slippery surfaces like snow or ice.

Each mode is tailored to deliver an optimized and customized driving experience, ensuring both comfort and safety for the driver.

High Power Charging

BYD SEAL uses a high-voltage electric drive boost charging solution, which allows for faster charging and significantly reduces the waiting time for users to charge. The technology is developed based on the electric drive assembly, charging and distribution assembly and innovatively uses the motor inductor to replace the boost inductor in the original boost solution to meet the 420-750V voltage range of charging piles with high power DC charging.

As the system is highly integrated, the two modes of motor charging and driving are multiplexed, and during the charging process, SEAL reduces the heat generation of the charging and distribution assembly for more reliable performance. The high-voltage electric drive boost charging solution can make full use of the national charging standard current limit to achieve a wide band of constant power charging. The charging power is 11 kW AC 3 phase. With a 150 kW DC charger, the battery can be replenished from 30% to 80 % in just 26 minutes. The maximum charging peak is 150 kW.

Wide temperature ranges high-efficiency heat pump system

BYD SEAL comes standard with a wide temperature range high-efficiency heat pump system, which allows for efficient regulation of the battery pack temperature via direct cooling and direct heating of the refrigerant, as well as control of the passenger compartment temperature with low energy consumption. The heat pump device can also absorb waste heat from the electric powertrain and work in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 60°C.

BYD SEAL supports V2L, allowing the car to be used as a portable power supply for electrical devices (total output up to 3kW).

Learning from nature

BYD SEAL has been created by a design team led by Wolfgang Egger, BYD's Global Design Director. The design team followed the principle of learning from nature and sought inspiration from the vast ocean to create an emotionally rich, recognisable and appealing design. The "Ocean Aesthetic" design concept has evolved, with the vehicle adopting a more dynamic, richer, and sportier aesthetic.

The car's front end has a powerful sense of forward motion, with an "X-shape" in the dynamic perspective. The front of the BYD SEAL has the look and feel of a sports car, with its full, sculpted, captivating curves providing the sense of the momentum of waves.

Sleek silhouette

BYD SEAL’s body lines are sleek and athletic. Its side silhouette is smooth and natural, with a low front, sloping A-pillar, rounded roof, sloping fastback, and slightly upturned ducktail shape, which emphasises the characteristic of a sports coupé.

The wheelbase of the BYD SEAL provides occupants with legroom similar to that of an executive saloon. Simultaneously, the CTB framework guarantees occupant headroom while accommodating low-slung styling. Furthermore, SEAL offers more passenger room due to a flat floor, a thinner battery pack, and an optimised rear foot-to-battery pack size. The SEAL’s rear compartment meets the user’s everyday storage requirements, while the front compartment maximises space utilisation in the front cabin, extending storage space inside the vehicle.

In addition, SEAL provides over 20 flexible storage spaces for small objects. The front of the sub-dashboard has a wireless charging spot for two mobile phones. There is a functional semi-open storage area under the sub-dashboard in addition to the standard central armrest box. In addition to the map compartments on the front seat backs, there are two mobile phone pockets for rear passengers to store their personal digital devices.

Surrounding sports seats

SEAL's front seats have a sporty appearance with soft and firm seat padding and excellent wrapping and support. The driver's seat is electrically adjustable in eight directions, and users of all sizes can find a comfortable driving position with a four-way adjustable steering wheel. The AWD's driver's seat has four-way power-adjustable lumbar support to relieve the fatigue of long journeys.

In addition, the front seats of the vehicle's mid and high-end models are equipped with ventilation/heating functions that satisfy users' specific requirements in various climatic regions and provide a comfortable driving experience under varying temperature conditions. The AWD/Design model also includes a driver's seat position memory function, which consists of two sets of position memories assisting ease of access.

The rear seats provide a comfortable seating position for three adult occupants. The seat back, cushion padding, and angles of both the seat back and cushion angle have been fully optimised, easing any fatigue on long journeys.

Maximized skyview and efficiency

BYD SEAL has an oversized panoramic sunroof, providing occupants with an extensive view. The vehicle’s front doors are double-glazed with laminated glass for better safety and excellent sound and heat insulation. The rear of the Design version is equipped with privacy glass with a sunlight transmission rate of ≤25%, providing better shading and privacy for the rear occupants.

The concealed door handle design of the BYD SEAL, which is flush with the door when the vehicle is in motion, helps to enable airflow to pass at high speed, thereby reducing wind resistance and overall vehicle energy consumption. In conjunction with the keyless entry system, the handles rise automatically when the vehicle is unlocked.

Driver and Safety Technology as Standard

Smart connectivity and leading infotainment are other primary elements of the BYD SEAL, which is equipped with a 4G intelligent connection system bringing leading technology experiences and Over The Air (OTA) updates as a way to update infotainment features.

BYD SEAL has a unique 15.6 rotatable screen equipped with the industry-leading intelligent voice control function, with more accurate voice recognition, faster voice wake-up, stronger semantic recognition, more comprehensive function execution and more natural voice response, and integrated Apps including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The infotainment system above the steering wheel is a 10.25-inch full instrument LCD panel. The 12-speaker Dynaudio Performance Audio System with 12 speakers provides premium quality sound, and smartphone wireless charging is another convenient feature.

Safety & Driving Assistance

There is an abundance of safety and advanced driver assistance features as standard equipment in BYD SEAL. All models feature Forward Collision Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, Rear Collision Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Rear Cross Traffic Brake, Lane Keep Assistance, Lane Change Assist, and Emergency Lane Keep. ​

Adaptive Cruise Control and Intelligent Cruise Control improve the driving experience. The panoramic camera provides 360-degree visibility for the driver for safe vehicle manoeuvring. In addition, further driver aids include Blind Spot Detection System, ESP, Traction Control, Hill Decent Control, Automatic Vehicle Hold, Intelligent Speed Limit Information, and Intelligent Speed Limit Control.

Cutting-edge lighting technology also provides a broader beam of light to assist visibility when driving at night, with High Beam Assist, Adaptive Front Headlights and Follow Me Home as standard.

BYD SEAL will be available in 4 standard colours, 2 optional colours and 6 interior trim colours.

More information and exact prizes will be announced closer to the official launch of BYD SEAL in August 2023.

Main Specifications BYD SEAL



Dimension (L/W/H)




Drive type


Top speed (km/h)


Motor power(kW)


0-100km/h acceleration time (s)


Wheel size (inch)


Electric range (km)

570/520 (WLTP combined)

Trunk volume (L)

402+53 frunk

Seating capacity (occupants)


Battery type

BYD Blade Battery (LFP)

Rated capacity (kWh)


Charging power

150kW DC ​ ​
11kW AC (3 phase)

DC charging time (30-80%, min)


Heat Pump


V2L function


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