BYD SEAL U and BYD TANG awarded 5 stars in Euro NCAP Safety Tests

  • BYD SEAL U and BYD TANG models have both achieved Euro NCAP five-star ratings ahead of their European launches
  • SEAL U received excellent results, including scores of 90% for adult occupant protection and 86% for child occupant protection
  • TANG got perfect scores for child occupant safety in the frontal offset and side barrier tests
  • SEAL U and TANG both achieved perfect scores on child seat installation ratings
  • Both vehicles underpin BYD’s commitment to safety and sustainability


Brussels, Belgium - BYD SEAL U and BYD TANG 7-seater SUV have both been awarded five-star safety ratings by Euro NCAP as part of their tests, which provide vital information to help consumers identify the safest vehicle choice. Euro NCAP defines a five-star rating as a vehicle that offers excellent performance in crash protection and is also well-equipped with comprehensive and robust crash avoidance technology.

BYD Commitment to Safety

BYD has recently tested four new car models with Euro NCAP and all of them have achieved a 5-star rating for safety, including SEAL U (D-Segment SUV),TANG (E-segment SUV) , DOLPHIN (C-Segment hatchback) and SEAL (D Segment Sedan). BYD is the only brand with three models in the top 10 in the 2023 ENCAP "Safest Family Cars" ranking. Moreover, the BYD Blade Battery has received industry recognition for its commitment to safety due to its excellent performance in the Nail Penetration Test.


BYD SEAL U (U meaning Utility) combines stylish aesthetics and pioneering technology with high levels of safety, comfort and practicality, which will launch in Europe in Q1 2024.With strong scores for adult protection at 90% and occupant protection at 86%, SEAL U also features a wealth of active and passive safety which are vital to family consumer.

As indicated by its five-star rating, SEAL U performed very well in the tests, with maximum points awarded in the side barrier test and the side pole impact test. Despite the size difference, both the SEAL U and TANG received perfect scores in the child seat installation ratings. These impressive scores provide great reassurance for consumers looking at their next family vehicle. ​

The superior AEB performance of SEAL U is also fully reflected in the Euro NCAP test. In the four categories of AEB test, SEAL U got four good grade, especially in the AEB Motorcyclist test with full marks.

The new facelift of BYD TANG

The new and updated BYD TANG is a premium 7-seater SUV offering style, space and practicality for larger families. Like its sibling, SEAL U, the new facelift of TANG achieved a 5-star rating with scores of 87% for occupant protection, as well as for child occupant protection.

BYD TANG scores five-star rating in Euro NCAP safety tests
BYD TANG scores five-star rating in Euro NCAP safety tests

As a 7-seater SUV for families, BYD TANG is always committed to giving the highest level of safety to child occupants. Both the frontal offset and side barrier tests provided good protection to all critical body areas for both child dummies. The car scored a maximum 24 points in this part of the assessment.

The active safety systems of the vehicle received praise, especially the autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system. The lane support system gently corrects the vehicle's path if it drifts out of the lane and intervenes in some more critical situations.

LSS (Lane support system) can assist the driver to keep the vehicle within the lane line, avoiding the risk of collision due to lane departure. TANG has also demonstrated its superiority in this area, not only getting full marks in the LKA (Lane Keeping Assist) and ELK (Emergency Lane Keeping) conditions, but also in the newly added Lane Support Motorcyclist condition.

More information concerning the launch of BYD SEAL U and BYD TANG will follow.


BYD SEAL U Euro NCAP Tests Result


BYD TANG Euro NCAP Tests Result




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